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Q. Where is the Club Located?
A. 6907 West Boulevard, Boardman, Ohio 44512.

Q. Is the Club open to the Public?
A. No. The Club is a private facility for use by members only. Members in good standing have the privilege to invite guests for a small fee.

Q. How many members belong to the Club?
A. Membership is limited to a maximum of 400 which provides an uncrowded, relaxed, and safe environment for members and their guests.

Q. What are the Club’s normal operating hours?
A. The swimming and tennis season runs from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. The club is open 7 days a week from 12:00 - 9:00 p.m. Tue, Wed, Thurs. Sat. & Sunday and Friday open 12-10 pm., but may be changed to accommodate special events. Hours may be changed to accommodate special events.

The lighted tennis courts (hard courts only) remain open for play year round.

Q. Are there different types of memberships?
A. The Club only offers one type of membership, commonly called a Family Membership. This membership is for single persons or families with an unlimited number of children.

Q. Are memberships available?
A. Generally, yes. Each year there is a small number of members selling their membership" to "There is always the possibility of memberships becoming available each year. The price of a membership varies depending on several factors. The price of membership is established by the seller.  

Q. Are there other fees?
A. Yes. A new member is responsible for purchasing one of the 400 available memberships from an existing member, the price of which fluctuates. In addition, new members are responsible for a one-time Initiation Fee and all members are responsible for Annual Dues. The Initiation Fee is set at $600.00. Annual Dues are reviewed and updated annually. 

Q. How do I become a member?

A. All persons are expected to read and become familiar with the Club’s Code of Regulations and the Club’s Rules and Regulations. Both are available for review on this website. If in agreement with the Code of Regulations and Rules, you can proceed with the submission of an Application for Membership. The one-page Application for Membership can be downloaded from the website, completed, and mailed to the address at the bottom of the Application form.  If you do not know 3 current members, this should not prevent you from submitting the Application – it may just take a few days longer to process your Application. Each Application is reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees. If your Application is accepted, the Club will notify you by mail of the status of your Application. Upon acceptance, you will be issued a membership number and you will be invoiced for the balance of all fees and dues.  When you visit the Club, you will need to sign-in at the front desk and write down your membership number. Access to The club will be denied without your membership number.

Q. How do I get additional information?
A. Review our website for more information on our Tennis, Swimming, and Social programs.
If questions remain, contact our Club Manager or any member of the Board of Trustees. Their contact information can be obtained by calling the Club at (330) 758–7802 or for more information.  

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